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Service Exclusions for Sanboxes

  • The following features are disabled and can’t be enabled in sandboxes.
    • Contract expiration warnings
    • Case escalation
      Contract expiration warnings and case escalation are disabled because they automatically send email to contacts, customers, and production org users.
    • Subscription summary
    • Data exports (by clicking Export Now or Schedule Export on the Weekly Export Service page in Setup)
    • The ability to create Salesforce sandboxes
    • The ability to copy email service addresses that you create in your sandbox to your production org
    • The ability to publish Site.com sites

Note :
1.After an org’s sandbox refresh is completed, a user has login access to a sandbox for 10 years after the sandbox refresh date if the user:
  • Is a system administrator.
  • Is copied into the sandbox from the production org, not created directly in the sandbox.
2.New and refreshed sandboxes have the default email deliverability setting System email only. To configure email deliverability 

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