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DOS Programming

@echo off
rem demo all arithmetic operator

rem set /p is used for prompt reading on variable
set /p val1="Enter first value :"
set /p val2="Enter second value :"

echo ********* arithmetic operator demo ************
rem set /a is used for arithmetic calculation
set /a res=%val1%+%val2%
echo Sum of %val1% and %val2% is %res%

set /a res=%val1%-%val2%
echo Subtraction of %val1% and %val2% is %res%

set /a res=%val1%*%val2%
echo Multiplication of %val1% and %val2% is %res%

set /a res=%val1%/%val2%
echo Division of %val1% and %val2% is %res%

set /a res=%val1%%%val2%
echo Modulo division of %val1% and %val2% is %res%

echo ********* relational operator demo @@ geq,gtr,equ,lss,leq @@************
if %val1% gtr %val2% (
echo %val1% is greater than %val2%
) else (
if %val1% lss 10 (
echo %val1% is even less than 10
) else (
echo %val1% is less than %val2%


@echo off
rem check for leap year using if else
set /p yval= "Enter year value :"
set /a res=%yval%%%4
if %res%==0 (
echo "%yval% is a leap year"
) else (
echo "%yval% is not a leap year"

rem check if file is available or not
set filename=savecustomer1.sql
if exist %filename% (
echo File exist
) else (
echo File does not exist

rem check exit status of last running command
DEL test.txt
if %ERRORLEVEL%==1 (
echo last operation was successful
) else (
echo problem in last operation


@echo off
echo *****Simple numeric for loop*****
FOR /L %%G IN (2,1,5) DO echo %%G

echo *****for loop working on collection*****
FOR %%G IN (Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat) DO echo %%G

echo *****for loop /R reading files of current directory recursively *****
For /R %%G in (*.*) do Echo "%%G"

echo ***** looping file contents @@@ Reading comma separated file @@@@******

FOR /F "tokens=1,2,3 delims=," %%G IN (persondata.txt) DO @echo %%G %%H %%I


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